Guide list

Cassaforte documentation is organized as a number of guides, covering all kinds of topics.

We recommend that you read these guides, if possible, in this order:

Getting started

An overview of Cassaforte with a quick tutorial that helps you to get started with it. It should take about 15 minutes to read and study the provided code examples.

Working with Cassandra Using CQL

Covers CQL operations besides schema manipulation:

  • Inserting data
  • Querying
  • Ordering
  • Collection Types
  • Counter Columns
  • Timestamps and TTL
  • Prepared Statements
  • Range queries
  • Pagination
  • Filtering
  • Tuning consistency/availability per-request

Schema Operations

Introduction to how to define and manage Cassandra schema with Cassaforte:

  • Operations on keyspaces
  • Operations on tables
  • Other topics related to schema management

Key Cassandra Concepts

  • Key concepts behind Cassandra
  • A glossary of terms related to Cassandra

Advanced Client Options guide

This guide covers advanced options Cassaforte client can use:

  • Reconnection strategies
  • Operation retries
  • Consistency levels

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